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Drumming Lessons and Recording Online, Offline - Hungary & Italy

Welcome to the Drum-Cave!

Hello and welcome to my drummer site! My name is Christian Bruni –The drummer– , I am half Italian, half Hungarian. I am a professional Drummer since 2017. I teach drum lessons, and perform as a drummer for bands and musicians looking for a drummer and I do drum transcriptions. I do this online and offline in Hungary, Budapest or Italy, Vienna. People reach out to me when they want to get started in drumming, or take their skills to the next level or if they are looking for a drum base for their music. Whether rock, pop or funk. What makes me and my music unique is the versatility I bring in drum lessons or recordings.
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Drummer for hire online

Drum lessons:

I do hourly drum lessons with beginners and intermediates.

The lessons are based on each student’s individual skills and knowledge.

This is a perfect option for those looking to practice, or address unique challenges in their drummer careers.

Buy this drumming service for yourself, or buy it as a gift for a friend/loved one.

Drum recording:

Are you not interested in learning drums just so you can record a few minutes for your upcoming new hit song?

No problem!

You can hire me to record those drum lines and boost your song to top hits charts with truly unique and inspiring drums.

We can do this online or offline in my studio.

When you need more:

When all hell gets loose, so am I. And when I get loose on the stage (or off), it is a guaranteed good time for everybody!

Warning: I take no responsibility for injuries occurred during fun.

Feel free to check out my page „Christian In Action”. Where you can see images & videos of me teaching drum lessons, performing live in front of a few people or a few thousand.

Or documentations of me during recording sessions or media appearances as a musician.

I also uploaded there a couple of drum solos and background supports that I’ve done.

Be a drummer, never a bummer!
Rick and morty rick drumming for hire

He can't be that good of a drummer, can he?

Smiling drummer for hire christian bruni in budapest and venice

That’s okay! No insults taken. I totally understand the skepticism. Nowadays there are waaaay too many fake gurus are out there.

Luckily, I am not a guru (neither spiritual or personal). I am just an everyday Joe who just happens to be quite good at hitting drums with sticks.

This is backed up by my amazing students who I managed to help in the hundreds in their drumming careers:)

Consider me a proud dad.

Feel free to read more about their reviews, testimonies and feedbacks by clicking the button below:

About Me

I have been a fan of the drums since I can walk and hold 2 wooden sticks relatively steadily. 

Once I learned the basics of the drums, I took a deep dive in music theory, marketing, branding and everything that is music related.

Up to today I have been collaborating with celebrities upcoming bands and even became an official sponsor for the Turkish drum related brand.

My passion is sharing my music with people to bring joy to their lives.

My second passion is sharing my talents, skill and knowledge with others who want to learn how to perform on stage, create unique sounds with drums and become a pro drummer in general.

I’ll tell you all about my past, present and potential future on the „About Me” page. Feel free to check it ou!;)

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Okay, lets get serious:

Christian Bruni Drummer. Contact for more information about drummer services

You might have a question about me, or need more information about my drummer services or you might want something so unique that I forgot to put information about it onto my website. That is fine, I take responsibility for my mistake.

If this is really what happened, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.

I will be happy to answer any and all inquiries on my contact page.

I will get back to you via email in 24 hours. Write me in English, Hungarian or Italian.