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Hello dear reader! My name is Christian Bruni. I’m a professional drummer and drum teacher from Italy.

I specialize in Pop Rock Music. I graduated with a B.A. degree in Music Performance – Drums at the Music Academy of Bologna in the 2016/17 academic year.

Here I’ve studied a lot of things about the world of Modern Music and drumming so I’ve acquired huge knowledge and skills through the study of:

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Christian Bruni Drummer

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Christian Bruni Drummer

-Music Marketing…

So I know how to create songs and how to push those songs onto the music market so it reaches the target audience.

-Music Business..

So I know all about pricing, what deals are good deals, which producer, equipment or sponsor you should take or refuse. Furthermore what gigs will be good fit or not.


 So I can show you the combinations of sounds that creates a masterpiece you wish to make.

-Ear Training…

To listen, and find parts for improvement in any song or music. Useful to find hidden mistakes in your song that when fixed, makes the song a truly timeless creation.

-History of Music…

 To get a deeper understanding of music and its culture, and understand trends and directions. Thre I know exactly how to create good melodies and sounds that creates buzz.

Drumming by christian bruni hugnary and italy

My method focuses on: coordination and independence, grooves, drum fills, analysis of the world’s greatest drummers. My mission is to transmit my passion about drums and music to everyone who is interested. I would like to show you how important is learning an instrument and improving skills and in the meantime having fun. I would like to help you to get better with the drums and to broaden your horizons. I also help in preparing you for stage performance.

I am a pro drummer specialized in pop-rock. I was born in Mestre (Venice, Italy) on 13 June 1990.

I started playing drums in 2005 and studied under Davide Ragazzoni and Sandro Fusati until 2009. In 2010-11, I attended the Classical Percussion course at the B. Marcello Conservatory of Venice under the
guidance of Annunziata Dellisanti and Giovanni Mancuso.

In 2014, I continued my studies at the Music Academy of Bologna, where I worked with Davide Bettella,
Stefano Ferracin, Andrea Marco Ricci, Emanuele Boselli, Massimo Cavallari, Max Titti and Nick Muneratti, and where I completed the Bachelor of Arts Level 6 degree course in Music Performance – Drums in 2016-

In July 2018, I became a certified first level professional “Drum Educator” at Franco Rossi’s Modern Music Academy.
I participated in numerous seminars held by internationally renowned drummers: Dave Weckl, Keith Carlock, Dennis Chambers, Dom Famularo, Benny Greb, Phil Mer, Franco Rossi.
I started teaching drums in 2010 and have taught in various schools both in Italy (Venice, Treviso) and Hungary (Budapest), thus accumulating many years of experience.
I have worked, and kept working, as a session musician in numerous musical projects: Tribute Bands (Queen, Jimi Hendrix, Red Hot Chili Peppers), Pop-Rock Cover Bands, R&B bands, and bands that write and play their own original music.
Currently, I am working as a studio drummer for the Italian alternative-rock band Rolling Carpets, who are in the process of releasing their first full-length album, and I am a member of the Hungarian country and rockabilly band A Nyughatatlan.
I participated in four events that are candidates for the Guiness World Record, playing with the greatest Rock cover band ever, directed by Marco Sabiu:
-the “Rockin’ 1000 – That’s live 2016”
-the “Rockin’ 1000 – Summer Camp” in 2017,
-the “Rockin’ 1000 That’s Live @ Firenze 2018.”
I also helped several of my students to take part in these events.
In 2019, I began to create and work with my own educational videos, available on my Facebook page and Youtube channel.
In 2020, I formed the “Virtual Band,” a Queen tribute band.
Our Youtube videos were praised by Brian May himself, the legendary guitarist and founder of Queen.
During that year, I also began teaching on Lessonface.com, and in 2021, I started working as a session musician on Fiverr.com.
My latest works include the drum tracks recorded for the full-length album of Swiss
singer-songwriter Alex Wellkers.
In 2022, I started teaching drums at the International Drum School in Budapest.
In April 2023, I became an official endorser of Tebbs Drumsticks.

Finally in July 2023, I participated like a percussionist at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest.

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Drumming Career Timeline
1990 Born and made in Mestre (Venice), Italy
2005 Began learning drums under professional drummers Davide Ragazzoni and Sandro Fusati
2010 Classical Percussion course at the B. Marcello Conservatory of Venice under the guidance of Annunziata Dellisanti and Giovanni Mancuso
2010 Becoming a professional drummer educator
2015 Participating in "Rockin'1000" event
2016 Participating in "Rockin'1000 - That's Live" event
2017 Participating in "Rockin'1000-Summer Camp"
2017 Graduating with a B.A. degree in music performance -
Drums at the Music Academy of Bologna
2018 Participating in "Rockin'1000 That's Live @Firenze Stadium"
2018 Reached the first professional certified level as "Drum Educator"
of Drums at the A.M.M. National School of Maestro Franco Rossi
2018 Collaborating with Diril Cymbals, the Turkish brand of drum cymbals
2020 Became an official endorser of Diril Cymbals
2023 Became an official endorser of Tebbs Drumstick
2023 Participated like a percussionist at the 2023 World Athletics Championships in Budapest

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