Drum Recording Service

I will create and record high quality MIDI file format drum parts for your song in these music genres:

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Why You Should Take This Service?

Because as many others in your shoes would tell you that I am easy and pleasant to work with.

They will also tell you that I deliver the best results with the least amount of investment from you.

How Does It Work?

The way it works is simple and straight forward. 

You have a song or an idea to create a song, but you need some one to do the great sounding drum parts for it. 

You simply get in touch with me to discuss the details, or go straight forward to the payment link and send me what you are looking for. 

From there on we will coordinate about the details and I get your drums recorded and sent to you so you can add it to your music.

This process can take anywhere from a few days to 2 weeks (depending on the amount of adjustments required to create the perfect drums for your music).

One thing for sure, at the end of the day you will have your HQ MIDI drum file.

Recording Gear: Yamaha DTXtreme III and I use Logic Pro X sound libraries and Native Instruments Studio Drummer – Abbey Road Drummer Collection – Drum Lab- Rudiments VSTs to record highly realistic acoustic kit or electronic drum samples.

What Can You Expect?

You can expect a professional drum part for your song in MIDI format.

You can expect my satisfaction guarantee (meaning, if the drum parts are not up to your expectations, I do the drum parts again until you are satisfied or you get your money back!)

You can expect a drum recording that beats any other drumming recording out there! If you find a better drum part for your song, I guarantee your money back.

I love drums, and I love to work with my customers, therefore I take on the responsibility to do the absolute best drum recordings out there to create long lasting relations with my customers.

fiverr drummer for hire christian bruni online

Limited Time Offer Ends In:


I've Got A Special Limited Time Offer For You!

If you order now, I will add to your order a video recording of me drumming, so you can use that for your music video.

It comes with the perk that I have high quality cameras, I record both the feet and the drum sticks.

Want To Check My Skills? Listen To Some Of My Finished Drum Parts Below

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Prairie Town

Brian Stai

Your eyes

The Neverlandings

Now I see, Now I Regret

Alex Welkers


Rolling Carpets


Rolling Carpets


Rolling Carpets

So Young

The Cream Catchers

Main Street, USA

Brian Sati

The Old Me

Yung Hul



Christian did a great job on my project. listened to feedback and produced a professional performance. highly recommend


Very fluid drumming. Good listener.


This is my guy. Nailed Travis Barker.


Professional in one take. Best value for money. Definitely will use service again.


Just brilliant. I sent Christian a very old 8 track recording from 1985 (no click track) and gave him a free reign to improvise and add some energy and personality. He has delivered on time and as agreed. Highly recommended and I'm certainly going to use him again for more old recordings that have new life.


Excellent - highly responsive and great to collaborate with.


very fast and good


very good with nice attitude!!


Will definitely use again. Ultra professional.


Awesome gig, great sounding drums


BRUNIS IS ONE of the coolest drummers to work with. His dedication the the project was awesome, audio Quality is top notch. This is an A++ review Thank you again