Hello! I'm Christian and my mission is to pass my passion about the drums and the music, to everyone who is interested. I would like to show them how important is learning an instrument and learning new skills and in the meantime having fun. My method focuses on: coordination and independence, grooves, drum fills, analysis of the world's greatest drummers. I would like to help every single drummer to getting better with the drum and to broaden there horizons.
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About me

 I’m drummer and drums teacher from Italy specialized in Pop Rock Music. I graduated with a B.A. degree in Music Performance – Drums at the Music Academy of Bologna in the 2016/17 academic year. Here I studied a lot of things about the world of Modern Music so I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge and skills through the study of: Music Marketing, Music Business, Harmony, Ear Training, History of Music.

From 2010  I have accumulated experience as a teacher, teaching drums in various schools in Italy as well as private teaching.

In July 2018 I reached the first professional certified level as “Drum Educator” of Drums at the A.M.M. National School of Maestro Franco Rossi. 

Since 2018 I have been collaborating with Diril Cymbals, the Turkish brand of drum cymbals and on June of 2020 I became an endorser.

I played in several important events and stages in Italy. Various musical projects behind and / or which I still collaborate with, both of Tribute Bands, Cover Bands and unpublished Music. I participated in the “Rockin’1000” events four times already. This event was candidate for the Guiness World Record as well. in Cesena 2015 and 2016 edition, “Rockin’1000 – Summer Camp” 2017, “Rockin’1000 That’s Live @Firenze Stadium 2018”, playing with the largest always cover rock band directed by Maestro Marco Sabiu. For the last events of the Rockin’1000 I have followed and prepared my two students who have been selected, one of them participated in the event.

I also teach Italian, so if you are interested book a trial lesson with me if you want to learn drums and the Italian language.