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Christian is a skilled drummer, and excellent to work with. I have now completed two projects with Christian. I only had one planned, but he did such great work that I asked him to redo a different track which already had strong drums. I can be pretty fussy with what I want, but found little that needed changing with his first take. the things I did need, Christian sorted quickly and professionally. I cannot recommend him highly enough.


Christian did a great job on my project. listened to feedback and produced a professional performance. highly recommend


Great work!


very nice!! great communication. thank you!


Very fluid drumming. Good listener.


Best teacher!


This is my guy. Nailed Travis Barker.


Christian was very responsive and made a killer drum track, would recommend to anyone looking for the service!


Best teacher I’ve ever had!!!!!!


Chris, once more, delivered a very nice drum take for one of my songs, thanks a lot


again, the delivered drums rock like hell. Till next time :)


Thanks Christian!


Christian nailed it!


the convincing drums Chris delivered alone would justify doing a remake of the song. Thank you, until next time.


Thank you! I enjoyed my engaging and educational drumming lesson with you. It helped me learn how to improve my communication with my drummer.


Great Job! Everything is fine and as promised! Did a detailed Drum Part Transcription of an extreme metal Song. Pretty fast too! Would Recommend!




Christian is professional, communicative and so helpful! Initially, I was seeking a drum lesson to help me with an assignment my other teacher gave me while he was on tour for 2 months. After speaking with Christian, he suggested a drum video which was PERFECT because now I'm able to "practice with Christian" to ensure I'm playing the sheet music correctly. Christian even edited the video to show which exercise he's walking me through which provided more clarity.


Just brilliant. I sent Christian a very old 8 track recording from 1985 (no click track) and gave him a free reign to improvise and add some energy and personality. He has delivered on time and as agreed. Highly recommended and I'm certainly going to use him again for more old recordings that have new life.


very good with nice attitude!


Chris was very professional and clearly knew how to navigate well between different camera angles and pdfs he had already prepared for the lesson. He was clear in his instructions and progressed the lesson in a way that made sense to me.


It was good.


again another rocky drum take for another song, thank you until next time :)


Thank you!


Very musical drumming and fast delivery, thx Christian!


Great work!


Thanks a lot again a nice drum track to work with


Thanks a lot, very nice drums that sound human. Will definitely come back.


I love the video lessons. I’m already planning to do another one. It’s been a great way to learn my favorite songs when I’m stuck. Highly recommend.


2nd time with Christian, great service as always


very fast and good


very fast and good


very fast and good


Will definitely use again. Ultra professional.


seller knows his drums, I will be back soon.


Great delivery - on time! It was great working with Christian and will do another order again! thanks!


BRUNIS IS ONE of the coolest drummers to work with. His dedication to the project was awesome, audio Quality is top notch. This is an A++ review Thank you again


Christian recorded another nice drum take for a remake of one of my songs. Thank you I will definitely come back.


Chris is fun but gets straight to the point. Great first lesson!!


thanks a lot Chris until next time :)


Awesome to work with!


Christian Is a great Drummer and session musicians. I Will ask again other recording sessions because he made a perfect job. I reccomend you Christian!!!


Thank you very much for the pro drums. See you next time :)


Another nice drum track thank you


Christian is a genius drummer!! Great communication, fast response! He can transcribe a complex song in a short time!! Amazing work! Definitely recommend!!


Attention to detail is amazing and really fast turnaround. Very impressive! Thanks again. P


Professional in one take. Best value for money. Definitely will use service again.


Excellent - highly responsive and great to collaborate with.











Lesson-Face Reviews

Raena Woods

I continue to be impressed with Christians patience. He is a great teacher and my son is really learning well from him.

Risa Peris

Great instructor. Very passionate and patient. I like the PDFs of the lessons to practice.

Raena Woods

Christian is well prepared for the lesson, very professional, kind and patient with my son. He communicates well and is encouraging.

Verified Student

Great teacher, gives very helpful feedback!

Kevin Zookski

Christian is an amazing teacher with great attention to detail. He immediately hones in on areas that require focus, even when the camera angle or sound may not showcase the issue very well.

Christy Bellarmine

Very happy with Christian’s teaching?

Christy Bellarmine

My son his drum lessons are always great. He really enjoys learning from Christian. He is very patient and a great teacher!

Martin Janson

Wonderful lessons, pedagogical and fun. Christian is very encouraging and invested in the lessons. I felt that he really wants students to progress and ensures that I can also enjoy the process of becoming better at drumming.

He gives thoughtful feedback on how to improve and ensures that I am also having fun. And he gives good tips how to practice drumming.

Verified Student

He always has something special for my son. He is great about the pace, that he teaches and he makes it interesting for him as well.

Elizabeth Deal

Verified Student

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Hungarian Gabor

My son (age 7) and I go to Christian's to play drums, and in addition to school, it is important for us to be able to schedule appointments very flexibly. My son really enjoys playing the drums together, it's not a lesson, but an experience, relaxation and fun, he can play and develop. In addition to very good communication in Hungarian, it is also a pleasure to talk about drumming and music in Italian and English. I recommend the always cheerful and kind drum teacher Christian to all young people, beginners and those who want to learn.

Kelemen Veronika

Christian is an extremely patient and professional teacher. We are going with my 9-year-old daughter, who for the 2nd time has been to the drum set as if she had been there in her life 😎 …

Adam Margocsy

I've been learning to play the drums with Christian for nearly three years, and I can honestly say that he is a very good, patient and enthusiastic teacher! He is an expert drummer in various genres of music, and he can also convey this knowledge in a really clear and fun way. I can only recommend him!

Kornéli Ildiko

We took my 7-year-old grandson, who is distracted, to Christian's place to play drums. Christian treats my grandson with infinite patience, attentiveness, flexibility and competence, who loves playing the drums and can't wait for the next lesson. We are glad to have found Christian, I recommend him to everyone.


Very skilled drummer and teacher. I've been drumming for 15 years on and off, but he was able to help me develop my skills like dynamic control, timing, and lots of cool syncopation exercises.

Pier Ludovico Pisano

Christian is a great drummer and teacher!! I suggest you to have drum lessons with him, you won't regret it!! 💪🏻💪🏻 …

Andrea Czinszky

My son just started learning drums with Christián, he really likes going to see him, we are very satisfied! ☺️

Ilario Fogli

I highly recommend Christian Bruni as a teacher, whether you are a beginner or an already experienced and competent drummer. He introduced me to the world of rudiments, of the use of Benny Grebb's gap click according to the Dei Lazzaretti method and always provides me with lots of material from his library of methods for drums, solfeggio and band scores complete with PDF transcriptions and the possibility of recording parts of the lesson. A great music teacher, not just drums (as in his free time he also studies keyboards, guitar and electric bass): he is practically immersed in the musical world 24 hours a day. Sensitive, helpful and, above all, funny person.

Kostas Syrtariotis

Christian is a great teacher and a fabulous drummer! I especially appreciate his new Creative Rhythm method, it really gave a boost to my drumming. And the Soundslice lessons are definitely a great way to practice it. I’m looking forward to seeing Vol.2! Rock on!

Katalin Szekeres

My 7-year-old, ever-moving daughter and I go to play drums at Christian's. We love it! It helps him focus a lot while being 100% fun. My 7 year old daughter has been learning to play the drums with Christian. We love it. It is a great tool for helping her to focus her attention while its 100% fun.

George Sigalas

Christian is an excellent drummer, but more importantly for us students, an excellent drum teacher. He has a deep understanding of musical concepts which he communicates clearly. Furthermore, he is extremely professional and organised, guiding the student in his drumming path. Highly recommended!!!

Orsolya Kőrös

I was looking for drum lessons for my 8.5-year-old son and we found an excellent specialist in Christian. After the first time, my son came out with the feeling that going here was full of experience. The exercises are not easy, but Christian makes it enjoyable, and my little boy is looking forward to the next one 😀 Thank you for this experience!

Erdélyi Boróka

He is a dedicated, enthusiastic, qualified and kind teacher, from whom it is a pleasure to learn both as a child and as an adult.

Domenico Bruno

A very professional drummer!! I relied on its online drummer session service. Very helpful in communication, keeps you very updated on the work and the tracks are done perfectly!

Brigitta Móri

He's a great teacher, super cool and has great taste in music. Learning is fun with him. I can only recommend. ;)

Antonio Luise

The Artist


Christian is an excellent teacher, but above all a great friend. A wonderful person, very knowledgeable and full of enthusiasm, who makes you love this wonderful instrument from day one!

Alexey Moloth production Kazaletov

I search 🔎 internet, just here I can write about Christian. He is very professional drummer and teacher and of course very friendly and flexible person. If you have time with Chris, it's big helpful man !!! I am happy recommend his person from all types and styles musical types ! I can write more and more..... But better if you coming and have your personal feelings ! With best wishes Alexey Kazaletov. 🥁

Szilvia Necskosz

Fantastic teacher! He is kind and patient, and he has a very positive vibe! Choosing him for my 8-year-old son was the best decision! If someone wants to play drums, I would only recommend him! 😊 …

estelle cai

Very lucky to find Christian, he is so nice and helpful and very good at encouraging students. My boy loves him very much and learns playing drum enthusiastically.

Petra Nagy

As a piano teacher, I took my 5-year-old grandson to Christian. His kindness and openness had a good effect at first. He handled the constantly curious child wonderfully and adapted to his reactions. Already the first drum hits gave a sense of success and hooked the little one. We look forward to the next classes :)

Bertalan Ladányi

I consider Christian Bruni a very good drum teacher. It teaches the basics, but doesn't push them too hard in class. You can talk to him about what you like to study, and then he will mainly focus on that. He shows you how to play the different rhythms on the drum kit and even teaches you songs if you want. Sometimes I feel that the lessons are not so planned and they are a bit spontaneous, but they are very enjoyable, that's why I like studying here.

Emese Szemán

My 10-year-old daughter is looking forward to drum lessons with Christian. I recommend him boldly and with a good heart, no matter what level you are at. Whether small or big..

Tamás Csaba

Very professional drummer and teacher. Great musician!

Jessica Grasso

Professionalism and experience with children. My son can't wait to find it every week!

Csilla Haluska

Kasey Ryan

Flóra varga

Marta Pap

Bálint B. Kiss

Aurora Ciferri

Facebook Reviews


The Neverlandings

The best drum teacher!🤘

Kostas Syrtariotis

Christian is a great teacher, patient, flexible and methodical. I highly recommend this. Word from his definitely older pupil 😎😇

Federico Florio

As a representative of a Masters music school who has had the opportunity to collaborate with Christian, I can vouch for his professionalism and great passion!
Don’t hesitate to contact him if you’re looking for a good drum teacher! 😉 \m/

Adriano Secco

Christian has worked for years with the Cultural Association "Sound City" of which I am president, it's a pity that now he works abroad (although I'm happy for him)! I don't want to elaborate, EXCELLENT is all I can say. Hugs, my friend, I wish you luck!

Pali Felföldi

Super fun, dynamic, cheerful drum lessons, focusing on ensuring that children have a rich experience of success in drumming. Well-equipped rehearsal room provides maximum opportunity for comprehensive playful learning.

Paolo Pitari

You will rarely find a knowledgeable drummer that is so passionate and skilled in teaching. If you want to improve your drumming in a professional environment while you also have loads of fun, I recommend Christian 100%!

Francesco Livieri

although very young, He is a great professional, he taught both my kids to play drums, demonstrating patience and skill honestly out of the ordinary. was also able to teach both boys to read the score and play them at the same time. I believe that for quality of service and price he is really number one

Kasia Pszczolka

Christian shows his passion and enthusiasm. He has a great approach to people who have never had experience with drums like I did. He manages to find the best way to make himself comfortable, even in difficult times. And the most important thing is I enjoyed a lot.

Puyol Jorge

An excellent musician and teacher blessed with excellent taste, enthusiasm, precision, and determination!!! A sensitive soul seasoned with good humor and self-irony. He himself is a quick learner, open-minded, and diverse, so you can definitely learn a lot from him!!! 🙏😉

Gio Pizzato

Christian is an excellent and passionate drummer, as well as a very nice bloke. He’s got a wonderful sense of rhythm, the most advanced I’ve ever seen in a musician. He’s full of new and interesting ideas when it comes to playing, teaching, and composing. That is the reason why it has been a pleasure working with him to record the drum track for my last single - The Best (feat. Christian Bruni).
If you are curious about it, I’m leaving the link down below, so you can prove me right as well as listen to a great drum track, in my opinion one of the best he ever recorded. Have a lovely time you all, cheers,
Gio x

Orsolya Kőrös

I looked for drum lessons for my 8.5-year-old son and we found an excellent professional in Christian. After the first session, my son came out saying he definitely wants to come here, full of experience. The exercises are not easy, but Christian makes them enjoyable, and my son is really looking forward to the next session 😄 Thank you for this experience!

Brigitta Móri

Great teacher, super cool, and has excellent musical taste. Learning is a blast with him. I can only recommend him. 😉

Václav Hanus

Sabrina Raccis

Mattia Zamuner Bellinato

Top teachers!!