Djembe Recording

I will write and record for you in different styles of Music: 

You can place an order directly or get in touch with me to discuss details.

I will create stunning custom Djembe parts for your music.

…So your music can achieve the full impact and satisfaction that it deserves.

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You can get the finished Djembe part in Wav file format (44.1 or 48 khz , 24 bit). 

Furthermore, if you are making a music video, I will also provide additional video recording of my Djembe performance on higher packages.

My instrument? Quality handcrafted Djembe from Senegal.

What do you need to provide for me to create the Djembe part?

Either one of the following:

– Mix down of the song without percussion.

– Mix down of the click track and/or BPM of the song.

– A demo track with a draft idea of the percussion parts, if you have it (the best would be with a drum sheet).

Order Your Personalized Recorded Djembe Parts