Drum Lesson In Video Format!

Too busy? Can’t find a suitable time for learning drums with a coach?

Don’t worry my friend. I understand the struggle. 

Chances are that you are too busy, or you got a schedule or time zone that doesn’t fit your drum coach. 

Thus a lot of people just decide on not learning the drums.

You don’t have to be like that! Not with me anyways. 

I designed this specific service so you can learn drums in your own pace, and at the time that works best for you.

I’ll record drum lessons that answers your specific questions, and show you how to perform well on the drums.

Play Video about personalized video drum lessons recorded
Christian Bruni Drummer Performance

Infinite replay-ability

One of the advantages is that even if you forget a part of the lesson, you can re watch it anytime!

With my video drum lessons it is like going to the cinema to watch a movie, but you get to keep and take that movie home to watch it again as many times as you want.


No hussle on scheduling!

A persisting issue in today’s world is scheduling.

Even if we have the internet to connect us, the internet doesn’t adjusts our time zones unfortunately.

Therefore you might miss appointments, or your coach might not be able to fit to your schedule.

This is not an issue with me! As all the lessons are recorded, you get them straight to your email in no time, and enjoy the full tailor made lesson.

Drummer performance
drumming concert

Personalized to your needs

Each and every recorded drum lesson is unique. 

I never recycle previously recorded lessons (even if not recycling is bad for the environment).

You get to decide what the lesson is about…

You want more information about a trick or technique? So that’s what you get!

You want to learn to drum a song? I’ll show you how in this recorded drum lesson!

You need assignments to practice? That is what I’ll give you!

Recorded Lesson in 3 angles

Front view
Feet view
Over the shoulder view

Book today!

Don’t miss your chance! Get down to learning drums today and become a PRO drummer!