I Will Teach You Drums As A Professional

Use me as your drum coach. I have experience in teaching newcomers and intermediate students when it comes to the drums.

My online drum lessons consists of one on one sessions.

No need to stress, with thousands of hours in teaching drums, and over 14 years of experience, I know exactly how to help you overcome your challenges.

Whether that is performance anxiety, learning rules, techniques or tricks when it comes to drums. 

You and I can work together, and enable you to play the drums to any song you want.

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My method focuses on:

How It Works

Simply click the button down below, that will take you to Fiverr.com. 

There choose one of my packages: Basic, Standard or Premium

Once you picked your preferred package, simply book and we’ll schedule a time that fits for both of us.

On the given day and time we will connect through Zoom.

I have a camera setup for my feet and arms as well, so you can see in real time how my hands and feet move (so you can imitate it easily). It’s like you being there with me in person.

At the end of the session, as a bonus I will also give you the session’s recording, so you can re-watch and have something you can practice on even after our drum lesson ended.

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Features of the personal drum lesson

-Flexible scheduling and rescheduling no matter where you are in the world

-Multiple cameras showing you my every move from every angle (including feet)

-Personal attention from me that is tailor made to address your goals and challenges

-Recording of the drum session so you can re-watch anytime and make sure you didn’t miss anything.

-Homework assignment, to provide you a path for further improvement even after our drum session ended.

As a BONUS, for first time bookings I will also provide a written roadmap that is tailormade for you. This roadmap will include theoretical and practical techniques and rules to learn that will take you to the next level!

This bonus will expire soon!

Drum lessons online

Who Can Benefit From Drum Lessons?

You have a child who needs some help in getting to the next level? I have been teaching kids on drums for years now!:)

You want to surprise a loved one for their birthday or some other special event and get them a few extra hours of professional assistance on the drums? Happened before, I can provide what you need!^^

You wish to get started on the drums? I know exactly how taunting that task can be, but I have an easy to follow system to get you up an running in no time!

You know the grooves already, but wish to get to the pro level? That’s great, I would be happy to help you! Simply let me know what you are aiming for and we make super targeted coaching program for you!

Too busy? That's okay, get the Video Drum Lesson!

With this service you have the possibility to customize the video drum lesson according to your needs with 3 different camera angles: front of kit, over shoulder, feet.

High resolution audio and video lessons with the possibility of customizing the language as well: English, Italian, Hungarian.

But how does it work?

You ask me a question about a specific topic and I will consequently give you the video lesson complete with exercises.

Or if you want to learn a song, I can create the step by step drum tutorial for you.

personalized video drum lessons recorded

Still doubting? Check out some of my results:

benefits of online drum coach


Seller knows his drums, I will be back soon


Chris was very professional and clearly knew how to navigate well between different camera angles and pdfs he had already prepared for the lesson. He was clear in his instructions and progressed the lesson in a way that made sense to me.

Elizabeth Deal

Christian is extremely talented. Even via Zoom he could hear and see the slightest error I tried to sneak by him. He was able to give me constructive feedback about my technique and some good exercises to improve my timing and ear.


Best drum teacher I've had so far. He has a clear idea of what and how he's teaching you. The lessons are a great combination of warmups, applying warmups to music and also working with songs. Chris keeps my attention for an hour no problem which is a huge success for my ADHD brain. I will be continuing with Chris happily


Dad - he was really good with my son who uncharacteristically focused and got to work. Ethan son- (9) said: He was awesome and fun and it was really easy to learn things from him. I want to do it again.


Thank you! I enjoyed my engaging and educational drumming lesson with you. It helped me learn how to improve my communication with my drummer.